Diabetic Retinopathy

About Retinopathy

The effects of diabetes may cause tiny blood vessels in the retina to become diseased and damaged. They swell and leak blood or fluids into the retina. Scar tissue forms on the retina as those blood vessels heal and can damage the retina to the point where it is less effective and vision is impaired. That slow process is called diabetic retinopathy and it may happen over months or even years.


If retinopathy is not treated effectively, patients risk serious eye damage which can lead to blindness. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to prevent loss of vision, and modern techniques such as laser treatment or vitrectomy ensure the best possible outcome for you.


Injections of a drug that dries up leaking areas and closes down bad blood vessels.


This is wear the ophthalmologist uses an operating microscope to see the retina and other structures inside the eye. Small incisions are made in the white of the eye and vitreous contaminated with blood is removed with a hand held cutting device and replaced with clear salt solution.

In some cases a special synthetic gas or silicone oil may be applied inside the eye natural fluid. Laser: small laser burns are used to close abnormal vessels, dry leaking retina or remove sick retina.

For more information: https://ranzco.edu/ophthalmology-and-eye-health/eye-conditions


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