Visiting Vision Centre

Vision Centre Southport has a secure underground carpark, accessible from either Nerang or Cougal Street. There is a safe stopping bay at the side driveway allowing easy drop off and pick up of patients and especially for those using wheel chairs or walking aids.

The Robina practice has free undercover parking available off Riverwalk Ave with lift wheelchair access from the carpark to all levels. Above ground parking is available from Laver Drive.

There is a fee payable on the day of each consultation. We are happy to provide a written quotation for any procedure if required. All out-patient/in room service costs are normally claimable from Medicare. Costs are variable, depending on the situation and the number of consultations and examinations a patient requires.

Only services provided as an in-patient in the Vision Centre Day Surgery Southport can be claimed through your Health Fund.

All day procedure costs will need to be paid on the day of your scheduled procedure and both the Day Surgery and Consultation rooms take Cheque, Debit/Credit and Cash payment options.

Your first visit will usually take longer due to the procedures and diagnostic tests involved.

Your time spent at Vision Centre includes not only the consultation process but also involves front desk administration and an interview with the doctor's assistant before finally seeing the doctor.

Patients are always seen in accordance with a schedule based on the appointment times given to patients, so early arrival will not mean your appointment will happen ahead of the scheduled time.

On your first visit, usually your eyes will be dilated. Due to this it will be at least a 20-30 minute wait before you see the Doctor to do the examination.

Expect to be at the Vision Centre Gold Coast for around 1-2 hours. It is also important to bring a driver with you for this appointment as you may find that your eyes are blurry from the dilation drops. We encourage all of our patients to bring a friend/carer/family member with them when they visit us.

If you do not speak English we suggest that you bring an interpreter with you. Our doctors are, however capable in French, Spanish and Afrikaans.

A referral is required from your optometrist or general practitioner for your appointment with a specialist ophthalmologist.

The referral enables you to claim a rebate from Medicare on your consultation fee.

Please also remember to bring all glasses (long distance only) that you wear, a list of any and all prescription medication you take, any eye drops or eye ointment that you are using, and any x-rays or scan results that are relevant.

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Level 1, 95 Nerang Street
Southport QLD 4215
Phone : (07) 5528 4800


Suite 34, Level 3, HQ Building
58 Riverwalk Ave (Cnr Laver Dr)
Robina QLD 4226
Phone : (07) 5575 2777

Day Surgery

Ground Floor, 95 Nerang Street
Southport QLD 4215
Phone : (07) 5528 4020